Kaya Regeneration Therapy

What is Kaya Regeneration Therapy?

Kaya Regeneration Therapy (KRT), is an ancient modality that has been used in India for centuries to promote longevity. This modality applies hot herbal oil formulations to the skin using specially made herbal pouches as applicators in a rapid stroking technique. It is believed to stimulate the physiological metabolism by impacting these four skin components: – Vascular (blood vessels) : promotes increased blood flow – Neuronal (nerves) : facilitates increased production of neurotransmitters – Soft Tissue (skin cells) : triggers immune response and immune modulation – Connective Tissue (fibroblast stimulation) : promotes the production of fresh collagen and elastin fibers

Theory Behind Kaya:

As we get older, there is a progressive reduction of our cells capacity to multiply. This is a major contributing factor in the aging process. Catabolism (cell breakdown) overtakes anabolism (cell repair) as we age. In an adult, catabolism predominates. The only time anabolism is predominant in an aging adult is when there is a physical injury. During such an event, anabolism takes over as part of the repair mechanism. KRT simulates a whole body burn, resulting in an anabolic shift and the regeneration and repair process begins. The benefits are many including the stimulation of fresh collagen and elastin cells. In India this treatment has been used for thousands of years for regenerating and rejuvenating the body.

Typical Kaya Session:

The client is draped comfortably on a table in a warm, quiet, comfortable setting. Then warm oil is applied to some of the marma points (energy points). A warm herbal oil is applied generously to the body in a friction massage technique. Next, hot oil is applied with the use of special herbal pouches (feels yummy). The process is repeated on the back. The client is then draped for 5 – 15 minutes and allowed to rest and absorb what they are experiencing. While resting a massage of face, scalp, feet is given.

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